Worldwide Snakebites

Snakebite Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Pyramid 

The following document is an A4 sized poster designed to be printed and hung at the bedside in African hospitals and clinics to direct patient care.  

Click here for a free downloadable link to the a4 sized Pdf

The snakebite pyramid is the culmination of a several year collaborative project between Jordan Benjamin and Sanda Ashe of the Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu, Kenya. It is an A4 sized poster (selected because A4 is an affordable and widely available paper size at print shops in most African countries) that is designed to be printed, laminated, and placed on the wall of a clinic next to the bed where snakebite patients are being examined. It provides a systematic approach to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of all snakebite patients in sub-Saharan Africa and shows providers how to effectively manage an unknown snakebite from A to Z in these areas. Sanda tragically died in 2018, but her work lives on and we hope to carry forward her legacy with many of our educational endeavors, a subject she was deeply passionate about. Click here to learn more about the Bio-Ken Snake Farm, a fantastic research center in Kenya founded by Sanda along with her late husband James Ashe that has made great contributions to the world of African herpetology and snakebite over the past several decades.